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Traditions & Special Events

Holy Family Catholic School is rich with tradition and community involvement. Throughout the year the students participate in a variety of activities and projects that bring in all that is good from Catholic education and living in Galveston.
Catholic Schools Week: All week long, kids participate in events from a special Mass to prayer marathons, pastries with parents, student/teacher/parent sporting events, and activities with O’Connell College Preparatory School.

Mardi Gras: On the second Saturday of Mardi Gras, families park their cars in the HFCS parking lot for the best view of the Momus parade. There is a cookout, fellowship, and loads of fun! Then, on the next day, students participate in the Children’s Parade.
Mother’s Day: Mothers of Pre-K students and kindergarteners are in for a real treat. Students prepare a presentation, plus special snacks and gifts just for mom.
Camp Kappe Trip: Fifth grade students visit Camp Kappe (School of Environmental Education (S.E.E.). S.E.E. provides a four-day outdoor experience of God’s gift of nature while studying life cycles, food chains, the environment’s effect on man, man’s effect on the environment, conservation of resources, and more. The camp offers hands-on experience with farm animals and gardening along with many other exciting adventures in outdoor education.
Eighth Grade Trip: At the end of the school year, eighth grade students take a trip to a destination of their choosing. Throughout the year, students raise money for the well-deserved trip.